Designed and Handmade in Ireland



Mid-spring and yellow daffodils as far as the eye can see, welcomed me at my very first touch of beautiful

Ireland. Subtle, happy and smiley, year after year at exactly the same time they remind me to this great

moment in my life.

Cushion Collection: Spring Feeling

This design brings the sound and atmosphere of ancient times when noble household wares

were handcrafted and manufactured in copper and brass. The lush green invites us to relax

in beautiful sun soaked morning light as if we are at one of the numerous Gardens of

The Green Isle. I wanted to create a mix of traditional motifs with contemporary design

while using refreshing spring colours. In addition what makes this product stand out is

the superb print quality that brings to life every line drawn.


Ornaments: Copper Collection

Inspired by ancient Eastern copper handcraft, that has been passed on from generation to generation.

I wanted to see what one could do when our imagination is let run free. It looks like the hand moves

alone, making the pencil etch those ornaments on the paper the same way as the etching needle leaves

its mark on the soft copper sheet. With different stroke strength and line thickness I have created

a design that reflects this third dimension of engraved depths.


Silky, soft and gentle and yet powerful in it’s burning red. Petals fluttering on the Irish breeze.

Poppy fields have always reminded me of dreams; bowing before the wind only to stand tall again,

just like dreams resist the reality of everyday life.


It’s like an ocean, just of different material and color set but when I dive a bit inside it, there is

nothing apart from the world of quietude. A light breeze forms beautiful waves across its surface and it

shapes this endless barley field to its liking. I feel its warmth and welcome; it is as if I belong to it.


This design was created to remind me at one moment, a while ago when I got such a lovely compliment

from my husband. He has paid me many compliments, but this one was so lovely and simple. I think

that is why itis my favourite. On a rare sunny Irish day, my husband was looking at the sun then at

me and said:” My life is destined to be like a sunflower; wherever you are I will be turning towards

you to catch every ray of your shine!” I wish for everyone to have their own sunflower.


There are numerous sandy beaches in Ireland; shells seem to be their common inhabitants.Found buried

deep in the sand or sometimes just peeking out halfway to the sky, trying to reach the rays of the sun.

I wanted to give them that warmth and shine they long for and to give them more meaning than just pure

memories from one Sunday stroll along the beach.



Irish forests and parks in Autumn; brown shiny chestnuts showered by the sun's rays and hidden under

golden,crimson and rust coloured leaves. The lucky ones that were not so shy caught my eye for this

calm and warm design. Welcoming any tea cup waiting to be filled, bringing warmth through those

Irish wet and windy months.

Oak leaves

Autumn walk through the sun dappled oak woods. All around red, yellow and golden-brown. The sound

of fallen leaves crunching under our feet. I’m looking to the leaves not fallen yet. Their

capillaries still pushing thelife through. Exposed to the sun, vulnerable, gorgeous, yet so

modest in their importance. In front of my eyes they started to change direction, to bend

and shape all those beautiful and unforgettable ornaments. This is just a tiny image of

this richness...



A childhood. Endless source of inspiration. Even when we are grown up the brief sketches from the past

can ignite our imagination to create simple, yet gorgeous designs. Many times sitting beside the foggy

window in the warmth on a wintry day, I would try to freeze time just to catch the shape that the

snowflakes were forming in my imagination. The snow would be falling fast and the outline of the

snowflakes would be just a bit darkerthan the endless whites behind. Each one would quickly pass with

the next one taking its place in the white-greyblur with no end. However my imagination seemed to be

somewhat faster and here is what I saw or maybe justwanted to see.


Peeking through last snow layers telling us Spring is already here. This is my recollection of my

childhood walking through the forests with my friends and breathing in the sharp, cold forest air;

picking snowdrops and bringing them home. Here in Ireland they have nowhere to hide as the snow is

almost non-existent, but still their beauty and simplicity will always inspire me.


Every image of the Santa seems to show him in the motion. Riding in the sleigh, carrying heavy sack

of presents,coming down the chimney or having a nice mince pie… but always on the move. All we want

from this fine gentleman is to get some nice presents. After so many centuries of hard work I think

it is the time for Santa to have a present as well. I gave him a nice, warm, cosy rest, to help warm

up his bones and take it easy for a bit before venturing forth.

Irish Heritage

Old Dublin Street Lamps

Meet the soul yours alike, never lose your way.Find the calm in the shiny lights

of the streetlight lamps endless row...

Irish Seaside

Approaching the scene on an early Sunday morning, it looks like a beautiful, abandoned, small harbour

from my dreams. As you ascend it and start to wander around and explore; you realise there is so much

life here, divided into singularities of its own microspheres. It is only after a long, quiet and exploring

walk, as I try to pull myself away from this gorgeous place that I get the full feeling of its charm and innocence.

Georgian Doors of Dublin

Doors are something that are always linked to our curiosity with a big desire to peek behind to see what

is it hidden in there. It’s in our nature. It wakes up our imagination. It creates a story when we can

only guess what is going on behind these locked doors. There is a city famous about its doors. It’s

Dublin,the city where a door matters for not what is behind it but because of the door itself. Old,

big, strong, seemingly unbreakable, colourful, friendly and inviting, as if saying:” Come and look at

me, enjoy and relax! Leave what it is behind to the ones behind!” You can hardy find it somewhere else…